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Cedar City, Utah DJ Company Grimshaw Sound & Video Out of Hibernation Upgraded Equipment with


After 5 years in retirement from DJ school dances, weddings, and other events Grimshaw Sound & Video is back in business.  Here is a little history of Grimshaw Sound & Video.

Grimshaw Sound Studios was founded by Scott and Teresa Grimshaw in 1997.  They built a recording studio in 1999. Grimshaw has credits for producing Kids N Company a local show choir as well as recording High School Band Concerts and SUU Acclamation. With all the new equipment only being used for only a few shows each year, we decided to keep it working every weekend by booking high school dances.  Early 1999 Grimshaw Sound Studios was one of the first DJ to ever play all their music off a computer which was a start of a new era of DJing. Always being integrative with technology in 2002 not only were we playing music off a computer we were playing Music Videos on (4) TV across our lighting truss. Always being a head of our competitors we were able to DJ every Dance Canyon View High School in Cedar City Utah Held from 2000 to 2004.

Now serving Southern Orange County we are already booking dances and events. With all the equipment not being used but a few times each year the last few years we have been upgrading equipment. This has been very long process. I am the type of person who likes to find a supplier of equipment that helps me find not only the best prices but the highest quality of equipment. Were I live there is a guitar center and for DJ equipment that’s about it. We are not a I-pod DJ that uses the cheapest equipment available. So I started looking for a online supplier that was on the west coast. I called and talked to several company based in Los Angles. The first few places I called did not seem helpful. The 3rd place i called was . At the time I was looking for a new lighting truss and had several in mind. I called on a wed and need the truss on Friday. Alan from answered the phone and later found out that he was a owner of the store. I told him what type of truss I was wanting and he said he didn’t have one in stock but could help me find one. He ended up having  one open box that they used at a DJ convention in Las Vegas the week before I called. So he gave me a great price and I was able to have the truss ready by Friday. Not only was it excellent service but they are so friendly and always helpful.

I since then have purchased several items from with prices that were almost half the cost from Guitar Center and items that GC had to order Hollywooddj had in stock. If you are in need to upgrade your DJ Equipment I would highly recommended  great prices and awesome people to work with.

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